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BellaTori™ 4-4-0 Train

True American Classics, Inc. presents the BellaTori™ 4-4-0 electric trackless train.

BellaTori™ train is manufactured entirely in the U.S.A. & built with pride by American Craftsman with over 200 years of combined experience and an exceptional commitment to quality and meticulous detail. True American Classics' mission is to invent children's entertainment products that recreate the historic nostalgia of Americana and reflect the history of this great country, the United States of America.

Engineered For Profit

Powered by a 48v, 10 hp electric drive train; BellaTori™ is suitable for all sort of venues; versatile enough for indoor malls, Family Entertainment Center (FEC) and robust enough for outdoor application such as Theme Parks, Festivals, Promotional and Special Events, zoos, Parks and Gardens.

Fully Customizable

We build your train... not sell you ours! Why choose from standard colors when you can fully customize your train. We offer complete branding, graphics, and design customization. Best of all, it's included in the price.


Hand made in America, the BellaTori™ electric trackless train requires 200 plus hours of handcrafted artisan work. At True American Classics, Inc. your train is meticulously crafted and customized. Our trains are completely assembled in house and inspected before they ever leave our doors.

Quality Material

It is all in the detail and authencity... we spare no expence and we pay utmost attention to detail:

  • State of the art electric vehicle technologies. Our electric engine is a time tested, expertly engineered and commercial proven model. 5000 lbs towing strength.
  • Solid Steel Frame Work. Your locomotive is artfully fabricated by the most experienced welder/ metal craftsman. The underlying foundation of the locomotive is solid and durable. It is all in the painting process.
  • On the locomotive. We use top grade automotive paint after the locomotive is meticulously and skillfully bondoed, polished, grind and sanded down. The mirror finish on our BellaTori™ train is the true testament to good quality automotive paint.
  • Our wagon panels are primed and sealed twice, a coat of catalyzed varnish and a clear coat on top of that. We use high performance topcoat that is specifically formulated for high contact areas. Purposefully elaborate 6 stages of paint job.
  • Our trims are made of hardwook. Handmade and handcrafted to perfection on each window opening to add the most authentic looks of the train!
  • Rubber bumper adds safety and protection too all sides of the panels.
  • Line-X coating for all roofs.

Special Features

Options that will enhance your train overall performance.

The BellaTori™ electric trackless train was painstakingly reproduced, miniaturized to recreate the authentic American
4-4-0 Locomotive, with coal tenders, passenger wagons and caboose. Following are some optional available features for upgrade your train to enhanve the look and feel.

  • AC motor. Upgrade from a DC motor to AC motor. 20% more efficient power utiliation. Charges faster. Great for challenging terrain.
  • Extira® Panels for outdoor application. The Extira® is specifically designed for exterior use. Most frequently used in sign business and even marine application. It is a mositure, rot and termite resistant material.
  • Moving wheels rotating in tandem with the sounds of the locomotive awakens the imaginations of your patrons.
  • Railroad crossings with working lights and sounds, ticket booths and train stations.
  • Advertising Frames.
  • Available Kiosk ticketing system for zero shrinkage.
  • Magnetic Side Panel increases advertising opportunity.
  • Complete your train with the optional smoke machine. With the touch of a button your train becomes more then a piece of art, it comes alive. Our smoke machines are safe and non-toxic allowing it to be used indoors or out.

of BellaTori Trackless Train
made in United States of America.

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of BellaTori Trackless Train
made in United States of America.

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Our goal is to capture the imaginations of the children while entertaining, educating and enchating the patrons.

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